Day Trading

What a wonderful world of probabliity and mathmatics. The wise man masters these techniques in the market and is rewarded greatly.
-Dedicated to the art of day trading and Albert Einstein.

Learn Day Trading
Learn some fundamentals of day Trading. Definition - Basics - Beginners
Safety - Technical Analysis - Major Reversal Patterns - Long - Short

0 Understanding Candlesticks
Learn about candlestick formations and patterns. Reversal candlestick patterns and more. Candlestick Formation
Bullish Reversal Patterns - Bearish Reversal Patterns

Psychology Of Trading
Learn about the effects of trading on the mind. Proper Breathing - Emotions
Timing The Trade

Day Trading Software
Lightspeed Software Reviews. See why we like it and how to set it up for free.
Day Trading Simulator


Day Trader Tips, Tricks and Techniques

It seems even the best Day Traders feel they can improve greatly. Here are tips and tricks for the Beginner Day Trader as well as the advanced Day Trader.

Day Trading Tips

Learn useful tips and trick when playing the stock market. Times to Play - Stop Loss - Risk To Reward

Day Trading Styles
You have to know what type of trader you are to fully utilize your approach entry and exit points.
Pattern Day Trader - Scalping - News
Momentum - The Trend - Gaps

Stock Indicators
Day Traders often use stock price indicators to give them a feel for direction. Stochastic - Short Squeeze - Mac-D - Bollinger Bands - Moving average - RSI

What you need to know about taxes on day traders.

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Warning! - "Day trading is extremely risky often causing huge losses financially in a very short period of time."